I am Blessed and Overwhelmed

Thank you all for the tremendous amount of encouragement My first novel Love has received, Thank you so much.

During my three-day free book promo, not only was I shocked to see Love on the Amazon Top 100 Free Christian Fiction list, I was stunned to see it spend a very long time at Number 7!

Wow! You have blessed me immensely!

My hope in writing Love was that God alone would be glorified. Please join me in prayer that in some small way, a heart may be softened through the reading of Love. Of course, we all know that it is God’s work, not the book’s. But, I ask that the book would be a tool that He chooses to use.

I am a strong believer in the establishment of Mother’s Week, whereby all mothers spend one-week reading and drinking hot tea out of pretty cups. Just an idea…


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“This was a great book that I truly enjoyed. It made me laugh often and it made me cry once. There was a lot of romance between several characters, a little suspense, some action, adversity, and many funny moments. The characters were engaging and the dialogue between them was realistic. It was a stand-alone and it was clean, which I really liked. Five stars, definitely!”

Cyrano on Goodreads


So blessed to be receiving so many great reviews for my new novel, Love.
I am so grateful to everyone who took time to leave a review. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Vanessa O.
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Five Star Review !!!!!

I received my first Amazon review for my book Love and it was 5 stars!! I am super excited and super grateful to the lovely lady that left it! It meant SO much to me!

I had such great fun writing Love, that I have two new books in the making … in my head at least! The first is clean Romance for all my new lady friends.

The second is a Young Adult Fantasy. 

I will continue to give away Love for free as much as Amazon will allow. Please pray that the Lord would choose to use Love for His glory.

A 5 star review deserves a cup of tea with extra sugar cubes, don’t you think?


Welcome my Friends!

I am so excited for you to be here! Thank you so much for coming to visit with me. If I could offer you a chair and a cup of tea right here, I would love to. Sit down with me. Oh come on, let’s just pretend we’re chatting over a cup of tea! Cream or sugar? I’ll take 3 cubes … the three biggest:)

So … I love to read and have always loved to write. For years my husband encouraged me to write a book, so I wrote my first book named Love. My greatest hope for Love was to share the salvation message of Jesus Christ.

Now, I’m writing this blog! My hope for this blog is to encourage our friendship. I would love for this to be our cozy little meeting place, where we share our tea and chat. 

Thank you so much for visiting me. Friends,