Love is my first book. I wrote Love with the hope that someone, somewhere might be touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

When a hard-working Southern boy rescues an opinionated girl … Welcome to a Southern Louisiana cul-de-sac where a single mother, her college-aged daughter, two orphans, a Cajun, a Creole, and five Mexicans live as one lively, extended family. Together they share tragedy, joy, friendship, awakening, and the sweetness of romance.
Ava Baptiste and her mama live a tranquil life in the rural South. A brutal event impacts her life, leading to a deep bond of friendship with Remi, a noble, young man burdened with life’s difficulties. Ava and her boisterous neighbors encourage Remi to persevere through life’s challenges. Having found refreshment for his weary soul, Remi inspires his new friends to obey their hearts and pursue love. Through lots of laughter and occasional pain this group of friends, young and old, persevere together to squeeze every drop of goodness they can get out of life.
A Christian Romantic Comedy with lovable characters, sound life lessons, tender romance and terrific humor. This is a story of a community bonded by their love for life and their genuine faith. Greater love has no one than this … 


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